Valley Proteins, Inc.

Industrial Equipment Operator

Industrial Equipment Operator

Become our next Production Cooker Operator and join the Valley Proteins, Inc. family. Talent like yours produces our Company’s best results. Watch our recruitment video at For more about us, visit

Job summary:

· Perform start-up, operation, and shut down procedures for all processing equipment.

· Monitor and operate systems associated with processing operation.

· Meet established performance expectations for the equipment.

· Meet final product quality criteria for the process you operate.

· Participate in and meet safety expectations for the division.


· Experience controlling operations of equipment systems in an industrial environment.

· Knowledge of raw materials, production processes, quality control and other techniques for maximizing effective output.

· Ability to analyze situations and take corrective actions to run efficiently.

· Good reading and writing ability.

· Able to communicate with others effectively.

Apply to these locations:

Lewiston, NC
3539 Governors Road
Lewiston, NC 27849
Tammy Smallwood – Admin. Assistant
Fax: 252-348-2389

Linville, VA
6230 Kratzer Road
Linville, VA 22834
Jerri Beahm – Admin. Assistant
Fax: 540-833-2007