Valley Proteins, Inc.

Environmental Manager

Rose Hill, North Carolina

Manages all wastewater operations in industrial setting, including wastewater treatment equipment, storage facilities, and spray irrigation where applicable, together with air pollution control operations.


  • Operates an industrial wastewater pre-treatment facility and air pollution control equipment.
  • Maintains compliance with rules and regulations relating to air pollution, wastewater discharge, stormwater protection, chemical handling, and spill prevention.
  • Maintains all permits, records, and reports, as well as supervising and performing daily wastewater sampling. Performs maintenance to wastewater system as needed.
  • Manages compliance with air pollution control, stormwater permit, and all other applicable environmental regulations.
  • Manages the work of others, troubleshooting, assuring compliance, and monitoring cost.
  • Prepares technical calculations and reports to regulatory agencies.


  • Degree in environmental science, biology or related field preferred, relevant work experience may be considered in lieu of formal education, some college beyond high school required.
  • Experience operating aerobic digestive wastewater systems preferred.
  • Knowledge of biology and chemistry as related to wastewater treatment and air emissions required.
  • South Carolina Grade A – Biological Wastewater Operator’s License, or lesser grade, is preferred. Must have the ability to obtain such.
  • Must possess mechanical aptitude, particularly for pumps, motors, and equipment typical of an industrial treatment system, and ability to perform mechanical work on such equipment on a limited basis.
  • Ability to motivate, direct, coordinate, train, and supervise crews of approximately five individuals for 24-hour, seven-day operations.
  • Computer skills, including proficiency in Excel and Word.
  • Ability to operate powered industrial equipment, including a forklift.

Apply at this location:

Rose Hill, NC
469 Yellow Cut Road
Rose Hill, NC 28458
Sarah Huffman - Admin. Assistant
Fax: 910-289-3312